Content Audit Plugin for WordPress


Using the free content audit plugin for WordPress, create an inventory of all your content. Automatically pull relevant metrics like social share performance, comments, and other engagement metrics.

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Save Time

Automated content audits save you countless hours of manual grunt work in collecting and organizing content along with relevant metrics

Customized Site Audit

Audit content based on your requirement. Specify the metrics you want to generate for each of your content

Content Readability

Assigns the popular Flesch–Kincaid reading score to each content on your website to measure readability of content.

Social Media Popularity

Automatically find social media share count for your content to measure social media engagement

What’s a content audit?

A content audit creates an inventory list of all the content on your website. You can analyze this inventory to figure out content performance. Audits also help you re-look at old content which requires updating.

Features of the plugin

  • Completely free
  • Works with WordPress, a free content management system that powers more than 25% of all the websites on the internet
  • Archive previously generated audit reports. Download them any time without having to re-run the audit
  • Generates content audit reports in the background. If you have a huge site, set to generate the report and move on to other pages. You’ll receive an email when the report generation is complete
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