The People-Technology Experiment


The Marketing Conundrum

The problem we’re solving

Content marketing is possibly the best channel for acquiring customers at a reasonable cost for your business. However, most businesses approach content marketing with a spray-and-pray approach with no long-term view or measures in place to calculate ROI.

LeadFerry provides the tools required to:

  • Automate repeatable content marketing tasks intelligently. Your team can spend the time saved on activities that provide better ROI

  • Track relevant business metrics like engagement score for content, number of leads generated, and customers acquired

  • Provides deep insight into what’s working and what’s not.

Our goal is to ensure your content marketing efforts pay off quickly and predictably.

The Existential Postulate

Who are we?

We’re a team of marketers and technologists passionate about the problem at hand. We believe in building quality software products that are reliable, affordable and provide true business insight.

Our product-development philosophy is built around our users’ most pressing needs. LeadFerry’s revenue growth is aligned with our customer’s growth – you pay only for what you use.

The People Congruence

All about the founding team

Adarsh Thampy


With more than 8 years of marketing experience and marketing scaled content to millions of visitors, Adarsh Thampy comes with deep domain expertise. He’s a startup enthusiast who has previously worked with several startups, small businesses, and corporate companies.

Adarsh loves catching up with some of his favorite TV series, like the Big Bang Theory, Better Call Saul, and Lucifer.

Vimal Aravindashan


A techie at heart, Vimal Aravindashan has more than 10 years of hands-on experience building information systems of massive scale. Vimal swears by Python and has worked with several technology ventures to build solutions for both consumers and enterprises.

Vimal is a die-hard Simpsons fan who successfully juggles his two roles as tech entrepreneur and father.

The Communication Catalyst

Talk to us

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The Startup Expedition

Want to work with us?

Check the open positions on our Careers page. We’d love to talk to you, even if a relevant position isn’t listed. Email us at

Remember, some of the best people are hired for roles that are never advertised.

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